Compressed air system upgrade at healthcare manufacturer saves £58,000 in energy costs

The data logging of Accord’s original system reported annual levels of wasted energy at £27,000 (335,824 Kw). Following Direct Air & Pipework’s solution, £58K of energy savings were actually achieved.

Accord Healthcare’s Newcastle site had been shut down completely since 2015 but Accord accepted the challenge to continue domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing. A key element to building the site back up again was restoring compressed air and providing an efficient, up-to-date solution with potential energy savings. The two inherited compressors were oversized and old. After discovering the compressors were no longer supported by the manufacturer, the decision was made to go to tender and consider variable speed options.

The data logged reported annuals levels of wasted energy were 335,824 Kw. This equates to an annual cost of £27,000 for wasted energy.

direct air logoDirect Air & Pipework recommended two water-cooled CompAir U75 Ultima compressors with a closed cooling water system and airblast cooler. The second U75 would act as a stand-by machine. Direct Air conducted the complete mechanical and electrical installation. The cooling water and cables installed were suitable to go to the maximum Ultima capacity (U160), to enable future production increases. The full turnkey project was completed over weekends to provide minimal disruptions.

The oil-free CompAir U75 compressors provided a much smaller footprint and linked to the sites BMS. They also delivered energy reduction and business continuity. The new compressed air system was assessed after the first year and, including extra tasks such as fixing air leaks, the energy savings were closer to £58,000 – £35,000 greater than expected!