Simple steps to energy savings

When it comes to saving energy from compressed air consumption, there are lots of simple steps you can take now, without significant investment.

These small, incremental steps soon add up to big savings.

Energy saving measure%
Applicability (1)
Gains (2)
Contribution (3)
System installation or renewal
Improvement of drives (high efficiency motors, HEM)25%2%0.5%
Improvement of drives (adjustable speed drives, ASD)25%15%3.8%
Upgrading of compressor30%7%2.1%
Use of sophisticated control systems20%12%2.4%
Recovering waste heat for use in other functions20%20%4.0%
Improved cooling, drying and filtering10%5%0.5%
Overall system design, including multi-pressure systems50%9%4.5%
Reducing frictional pressure losses50%3%1.5%
Optimising certain end use devices5%40%2.0%
System operation and maintenance
Reducing air leaks80%20%16%
More frequent filter replacement40%2%0.8%