Carpet manufacturer saves £36,000 a year after fixing 40 compressed air leaks

A carpet manufacturer in the North of England contacted Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd (PPS) when it was looking for ways to reduce its energy consumption. The customer had been looking at separate sections of the business to find out where the heaviest energy usage occured and its compressed air generation and pipework needed some attention.

Pennine Pneumatic Services Logo

Pennine Pneumatic Services Logo

The customer knew it had leaks, they could hear them, so this became the initial focus. PPS carried out the leak detection survey, tagged and listed the leaks in a report for the customer.

There was a total of 40 leaks on the system, the biggest one was registering at 89dB. A leak of that size wastes a substantial amount of energy but can also become a health and safety problem, due to the noise level if is situated near workers.

PPS engineers were on site for two days fixing the leaks. This textile industry customer spent £3,020.58 to save £36,784.88 (estimate based on £0.12/kWh) on its compressed air energy bill and reduce its carbon footprint. The compressed air generated is no longer feeding leaks, instead, it is being used for its intended purpose of weaving carpets.