Shoot for maximum efficiency and cost savings with equipment upgrade and reduced system pressure

A market leader in the manufacture of clay pigeons since 1982 and a longstanding Maziak customer was ready to upgrade its equipment to benefit from the energy efficiencies and cost savings of new technology. A datalog revealed two key issues: as expected, the age and efficiency of the equipment was adding cost and risk, and the pressure was higher than was needed operationally.

Maziak recommended a reduction in system pressure of 1bar and the installation of an HPC ASD60SFC variable speed drive compressor to deliver more compressed air for less energy. The internal SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller offers various communication channels and achieves unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Clay pigeon customerA Parker SPS062 refrigerant dryer unit was also installed. With its highly efficient heat exchanger design, the refrigerant circuit absorbs less power and requires less refrigerant than comparative dryers, making StarlettePlus-E more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The customer utilised the super deduction capital allowance scheme, amounting to just over £24k. With a reduction of 1 bar in pressure it made an immediate 7 per cent energy saving. Plus, the overall installation reduced annual electricity costs by just over £5k (based on £0.10 p/kW/hr) at a time when energy costs were set to spike.