Vacuum application saves 44,000 kWh for precision cutting application

The vacuum application is to help clamp the wood on the CNC bed for precision cutting and has saved 22kW per hour the beds work.

Mid-Tech Air Products Ltd previously visited the site around three years ago, pre pandemic. At the time it only had one CNC bed. Moving forward to the end of 2021, this company had grown to 4 CNC beds and needed to look at reducing its energy costs. Two of the beds were using two 7,5kW side channel blowers on each bed, and two of the beds were using old dry vane technology, on 5,5kW motors.

Mid-Tech logoTotal power consumption was 41kW across the four beds. This was reduced by replacing with four new Elmo Rietschle claw pumps, two on 4kW motors and two on 5,5kW motors. Total power consumption was now 19kW.

Overall, this has provided a saving of 22kW per hour the beds worked. As well as reduced maintenance and improved reliability.