Plastic packaging supplier saves 30% on annual compressed air energy

A leading plastic packaging supplier asked HPC to conduct an onsite Air Demand Analysis assessment of its compressed air usage. The findings were remarkable and showed that HPC could offer savings of 148kW per hour or 30% per year on electricity alone just by switching to HPC Kaeser super-efficient air compressors.

Kaeser super-efficient compressorThe site had three compressors running a peak base load demand of 480kW. With a current electricity cost of 24.6 pence/kW/hr the energy consumption equates to £118.08 / hr, with a total annual spend of over £1,031,000.

HPC installed two HPC Kaeser super-efficient air compressors producing the same peak base load demand with a 30.89% energy saving. The HPC Kaeser compressors, DSDX305 – (181kW) HPC DSD240 – (151kW) had a combined total of 332kW.

With a current electricity cost of 24.6 pence /kWh the energy consumption now equates to £81.68/ hr with a total annal spend of £ 713,557 – providing an energy efficiency saving of £317,990.40 / year