Polyurethane moulding manufacturer saves over £14k per annum with improved compressor control

Compressed air usage survey recommended a reduced system pressure and a VSD+ compressor to suit variable usage patterns.

A precision polyurethane moulding manufacturer took a compressor system audit from an Atlas Copco distributor as part of its green initiative project. This led to an equipment upgrade from two fixed-speed compressors to one larger VSD+ compressor (plus it retained the back-up machines) to cope with the variable air demand throughout the week.

Atlas Copco logoThe survey noted that the compressed air system was running at 9 to 9.9 bar, too high for the application needs. System pressure on the new VSD was therefore reduced incrementally to 7.5 bar, without having an adverse effect on the production equipment.

The lower system pressure plus energy savings from using a VSD compressor resulted in a reduction in night-time compressed air usage and an overall reduction of two thirds in energy used for generating compressed air, down to just 78,104 kW/h, representing a saving of £14,554 per annum and an estimated payback of 1.5 years. (This figure will be higher now the electricity price has risen).

At the same time, the company’s carbon footprint was reduced by some 50 tonnes per annum.