Replacement of inefficient rotary screw compressors

Replacement of old and inefficient rotary screw compressors

Using its bespoke data analysis software MIEM (Mattei Intelligent Energy Management), Mattei was able to demonstrate an energy saving over the existing ageing rotary screw compressors.

This saving assumed that the existing compressors were still performing as new.

Mattei energy savings

Mattei energy-saving compressor installation

The customer took this into account and decided it was more cost effective to replace the ageing compressors due to the energy savings alone, but it also made sense to avoid overhauling its existing compressors’ airends, which had effectively come to the end of their working life.

Mattei replaced the existing compressors with two of its latest machines, the RVX75i, which the site now uses on a duty/standby basis.

With low noise levels it was possible to install the compressors in the work area. This provided the added advantage that the waste heat (22,704 Kcal/h) from the new Mattei compressors could be utilised for the space heating of the production area during the colder months. This saved an additional £5,183 in energy over the winter months.

A directional vent allows this heat to be diverted outside during the summer months.